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  • Judge Jimmy L. Croom January 2024 – January 2025 Court Calendar.[1/22/2024]

Chambers Information

Honorable Jimmy L. Croom 111 S. Highland Ave, Courtroom 342
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for the Jackson, Tennessee 38301
Western District of Tennessee 731-421-9370

Courtroom Deputy: Deborah Pulse    731-421-9314
Career Law Clerk: Abby Little    731-421-9372

  1. Role of Chambers Staff. For inquiries regarding procedures, including Judge Croom’s preferences, please contact one of Judge Croom’s Judicial Law Clerks.

    Please keep in mind that Chambers staff are prohibited from engaging in unilateral or ex parte communications with creditors, debtors, and attorneys. Also, staff are prohibited from providing legal advice.
  2. Correspondence. Letters to the Judge regarding pending cases are discouraged; written communication ordinarily should be through pleadings. Letters to the Judge from pro se litigants may, at the Judge's discretion, be treated as pleadings and docketed as such. Judge Croom does not conduct ex parte meetings in his chambers.
  3. Scheduling. Any inquiries regarding scheduling or hearing matters should be addressed to Courtroom Deputy Deborah Pulse.

  1. Hearings.

    Judge Croom’s Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 matters are generally set at 9:30 AM every other Thursday. Chapter 13 matters are set on the opposite Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. Matters requiring additional time may be specially set upon request or at the court’s discretion.

    Any Chapter 13 matter set at 8:30 AM or 9:00 AM is a Pretrial Conference with the Chapter 13 Trustee.
  2. In-Person and Telephonic Appearances.

    Judge Croom’s hearings are conducted in-person for all calendar matters. However, Judge Croom allows attorneys and parties to appear telephonically in certain situations. Telephonic appearances are NOT allowed if the matter requires a trial, evidentiary hearing, or witness examination. If you would like to appear telephonically, please contact Courtroom Deputy Deborah Pulse NO LATER THAN noon the day prior to your hearing.
  3. Announcements, Continuances, and TNWB LBR 9013-1.
    1. Announcements in Chapter 7 and 11 cases. If all parties, including the case trustee (if one has been appointed), have announcements or have agreed to continue a hearing, Courtroom Deputy Deborah Pulse should be contacted the day before the scheduled hearing. If there is NOT full agreement about a continuance, parties should file a motion in advance of the scheduled hearing and contact Courtroom Deputy Deborah Pulse to receive an expedited setting on the request for continuance. See L.B.R. 5071-1.
    2. TNW LBR 9013-1 in Chapter 7 and 11 cases. Judge Croom encourages parties to consult TNWB LBR Rule 9013-1 in chapters 7 and 11 cases. If no objection has been filed to the motion by the bar date set forth in the Notice of Hearing, a certificate of compliance with the local rule may be filed in the case and an order granting the motion or application may be uploaded to CM-ECF for Judge Croom’s signature. Judge Croom will not sign such orders prior to the scheduled hearing (in case anyone appears at the hearing to object); however, the order will be processed immediately after court. If a party files a motion or application for which a bar date is set and a certificate of compliance with LBR 9013-1 is not filed, the matter will NOT be granted at the hearing without an in-person or telephonic appearance by the attorney or party.
    3. Announcements in Chapter 13 cases. In Chapter 13 cases, announcements or requests for continuances must be presented to the Chapter 13 Trustee at least one day prior to the date of a scheduled 10:00 a.m. hearing. The Trustee will then inform the Courtroom Deputy of any announcement. If Judge Croom will not accept an announcement in a particular matter, chambers staff will inform the Chapter 13 Trustee’s office. The Trustee’s office will then inform counsel and/or parties of the issue.
  1. Preparation of Orders. At the conclusion of a hearing, Judge Croom will (1) request that counsel prepare the proposed order on a particular matter, (2) indicate that the Court will prepare the order, or (3) state that the matter will be taken under submission. The court will then enter a minute entry in the case docket that indicates which party is responsible for preparation and submission of the order.
  2. Chapter 13 Orders. Proposed orders in Chapter 13 cases must be submitted to the Chapter 13 Trustee.
  3. Pretrial Scheduling Conference. Judge Croom’s career law clerk Abby Little will correspond with the attorneys via email to discuss the need for discovery, deadlines for filing dispositive motions, the possibility of mediation, and a potential trial date.
  4. Pretrial Scheduling Order. The result of the initial Pretrial Scheduling Conference will be an order prepared by the Court setting out the schedule arrived at during the scheduling conference. Any requested amendments to the Scheduling Order should be agreed to by the parties or result from the filing of a motion to amend the Scheduling Order.