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The internet calendar is provided as a courtesy service to participants in proceedings in order to enhance their ability to plan and schedule. Although every effort is made to assure the accuracy of this service, one should always refer to the last e-mail or written setting information from the Clerk's office when preparing for court. Several circumstances might cause erroneous information to be displayed. Searches might be performed incorrectly, dates entered incorrectly or party name(s)/case numbers may selected inaccurately. Always use the most recent hearing date and time provided by e-mail or in writing by the Clerk's office to determine when a particular matter is set. If you feel the information displayed may not be accurate, contact the courtroom deputy for the judge presiding over the case. Their telephone numbers are:

Judge Jennie D. Latta Courtroom deputy(901) 328-3570

Judge M. Ruthie Hagan Courtroom deputy(901) 328-3573

Judge Denise E. Barnett Courtroom deputy(901) 328-3572

Judge Jimmy L. Croom Courtroom deputy(731) 421-9314

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