The Jackson Courtroom is equipped with evidence presentation technology

This courtroom has the following features:

- ELMO Visual Presenter : document camera - allows user to display printed documents, physical evidence, etc

- Inputs for laptop PCs at attorney tables :enables courtroom presentations (Power Point, WordPerfect, etc.)

- VCR :enables display of evidence from video tape

- Videoconferencing Capability :Our Sony TriniCom 5100Plus system is compatible with ITU video compression algorithm H.263 which improves video quality and motion handling when operating at 128kbps, a commonly used transmission speed in many video conferencing applications

Video conferencing equipment is available to counsel and/or litigants upon request. Requests should be directed to the CRD at 731-421-9314 and will be approved/denied by Judge Croom on a case by case basis. Requests should be made 7 days in advance to facilitate scheduling. Special consideration will be given for emergency situations